From projection to game

Interactive floor and wall projections

Whether your bank once a wild autumn storm sweeps through the offices we can unfortunately not know, but we can implement it! It is also the same if you want to play football in your shopping center. Through our projections, the boring walk to the stadium for ball & foot, the game is suitable 3D football. Of course, we have thought of everything, in the lower compartment you have a list of some possible games.

A huge fun for big and small and an eyecatcher all times.

Your favorite game is not there? – Contact us!

3D Soccer
Lawn Tennis
Color Collect
Interactive Projections Cube
Air Invaders
Butterfly Effect
Welcome Motion
Learn with Fun
Table Tennis
Fruit Scatter
Beach Football
Chicken Chase
Jurassic Fossil
Chase the Worm
Typography Face Scatter
Free the Bird
Tile Flip
3D Meteor Attack
Real Water Effect
Ice Cream Boy
Angry Balloons
Alien Shooter
Flowers Trail
Snow Flake Trail
Four Corners Football
Monkey Jump
City Racer
3D Chase the Monsters
Jungle Run
Board Quiz
Basket Ball
Bubble Trail
Spray Paint
Grass Effect
The Maze