Board Quiz

Board games have always been a favorite amongst kids. It’s much more fun, if the kids could stand on a big board and the board responds to their moves!

This interesting concept allows kids to play a competitive multi-choice Quiz game on the Interactive Projections Interactive Floor, where the kids compete with each other while having their Intelligence tested and enhanced in an innovative game format.

This game is a multiplayer game that includes pop-up questions on the floor ranging from all spheres such as Animals & Birds, History & Geography, English Grammar, Automobile and Maths. Customized questions can be added to the existing quiz game format as per the requirement of the Kids play areas, schools and activity centers where this game is being played.

This game is truly a breakthrough in blending learning with new age technology! This four player game is time-based and points are scored for each correct answer. It is ideal for age group of 6-15 years.

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